Are you spending a lot of time just scheduling the HVAC Service Requests on your BAS/BMS System?
Do you need your office in the evening, but the heat or air shuts off after 6 pm?
Not a problem, if your building has our solution.


Are you getting to the end of the month only to find your HVAC Usage Data is missing?
AfterHours takes the HVAC request directly from your Tenants so does not rely on BAS/BMS trend data.


Are you having trouble getting your HVAC Usage Reports reliably and on time?
AfterHours interacts with your BAS/BMS system and is cloud-based providing optimum reliability and uptime.
Do you need lots of manual intervention to prepare the invoices to your Tenants?
AfterHours provides a .pdf usage report and a .csv file with every report automatically each month or on demand.